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May 20, 2005

Another Fine Writing Sample

We're in the 2nd draft and copyedits for ProMySQL. It's a crazy process with a lot of back and forth and quick turnaround. It takes about the same amount of time commitment as the initial writing, but the time is spent in spurts focused on different chapters and stages.

Last night I was finishing a copyedit on the chapter on stored functions in MySQL and was so tired I kept falling asleep as I was looking at the last few pages. I didn't want to quit and so made a push to finish the review and get it off. By the time I got to writing the email and attaching the latest revision of the chapter I was on autopilot. It wasn't until the progress bar on Thunderbird (email client) was going across the screen to indicate the message was being sent that I noticed what I had said to the project manager and copyeditor:

Attached is my notes/changes etc.

I'm not sure that inspired confidence.

Posted by mike at May 20, 2005 6:43 PM