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May 23, 2005

Comcast Offers Notch up In Cable Modem Speed

Getting ready for our move, which is happening in 4 weeks, and went to see about scheduling the switch of the cable modem service. Comcast now offers, for an additional $10 a month, a boost up to 6Mbps down and 768 kbps up.

A check on dslreports indicates we're at 3658 kbps down and 340 kbps up right now. I think it's well worth the extra $10/month to almost double the speed of the connection. I wonder if X11 Emacs will be usable from home then. I rarely do programming work from home (not that I do it much in the office these days either) because Emacs can lag so much.

I'm trying to justify getting cable TV, but it's now up to $47/month. I just want to be able to watch Red Sox games when they're on (and the Daily Show would be cool too), but that seems like a lot of money to pay for something I *might* watch a few hours a week.

Posted by mike at May 23, 2005 10:14 PM