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May 7, 2005

In Fargo, North Dakota

This weekend (Thursday night through Sunday) I'm in Fargo, North Dakota. Why? My father's been on the faculty at NDSCS (North Dakota State College of Science) for 30 years and is retiring. Pete and I (at Pete's suggestion) decided to come in for a retirement party. We surprised dad and mom by just showing up at their place on Thursday evening, unannounced. It was quite a site to see their faces (coming to North Dakota isn't something we do every day).

The retirement party was on Friday afternoon and was really quite an experience. People from all over the college, including the president, came to the event. There was a small social and then a more formal presentation. Former faculty, administration, current students, former students and staff (plus us two family memebers) all enjoyed the comments of various deans, co-workers, students etc. In general the comments were about dad's commitment to good education for the students and how many new initiatives he spearheaded or introduced during his tenure.

Pete and I were given just a few minutes to talk and we both spoke about the origins of our computer use starting at Old Main at the NDSCS campus where they had once had a large mainframe, but by our time had some of the earlier personal computers. We believe that's the place we first played with computers, stopping into the lab after school and staying until late.

Saturday (today) we hung out with dad and mom and saw more of their current regular hang-outs, including a trip to Bismark, the state capitol.

Posted by mike at May 7, 2005 8:31 AM