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June 17, 2005

Managing Digital Assets with HEAL Local

Sebastian Uijtdehaage (UCLA) is presenting this morning at Slice of Life about the state of HEAL (Health Education Assets Library).

HEAL was conceived 5 years ago (it sounds like it was at this conference). It's first incarnation is a centrally controlled, national digital library. HEAL Local is a new project that is focused on privately controlled data.

Managing digital media is tough, there isn't meta-data built into the images. Faculty need:
- tools for managing
- control over collections
- optional sharing
- searchable repository

Commercial solutions are expensive and don't fully meet the needs for digital asset management.

HEAL Local Provides
- faculty build and manage collections
- can remain private or within institution
- searching for shared resources
- can create Albums
- can create cataloging schemes

Heal Central and Heal Local work together, bring items down from the central server and push items up.


HEAL Local is written in Java and JSP and uses MySQL as a backend. Can use LDAP for authentication and includes HEAL metadata schema.


Posted by mike at June 17, 2005 12:35 PM