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June 21, 2005

Production of Pro MySQL Complete

Last night I finished proofreading and making changes to the last PDF from the production folks at Apress for Pro MySQL. All that's left is the review of the index, which Jay is doing the bulk of because I'm closing on and moving to the new house on Thursday.

It's hard to believe that the book is written, and that after the index on Thursday all that remains is for it to be printed and delivered to bookshelves.

I've been really impressed by the Apress folks and process. Each chapter has been read and reviewed at least twice by a handful of folks; production manager, editor, technical editor, copyeditor and production editor. After that there's a proofreader that gives it one more read to make sure it all fits together. I've talked to other folks who've published books who were pretty much on their own, and the press only gave them one shot to review the text before printing. I was delightfully suprised at how much help Jay and I got in putting our ideas down on paper. It didn't mean writing 700+ pages was easy, but it did mean that a lot of different people helped in shaping the final product.

Now that the book is behind us, Jay and I are going to redo the Pro MySQL site to add more value than just a list of chapters. At a minimum we'd like to put the static book information up there along with an aggregation of our MySQL-related weblog entries.

Posted by mike at June 21, 2005 4:33 PM