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June 19, 2005

This Weblog is a Topic of Conversation

One thing I realized at the Slice of Life conference I recently attended in Portland, OR is that this weblog is a topic of conversation.

It started on the first day. After the formal portion of the Slice of Life conference was completed for the day I sat down with a few folks to look at the technical details of exchanging data between systems at a few different medical schools.

Peter Green, Executive Director for Medbiquitous and Associate Dean for Emerging technologies at Johns Hopkins Medicine joined us for the meeting and suprised me by starting the conversation by asking if I was blogging the meeting. This launched into a discussion of weblogs and their significance. Apparently my entries about the last Medbiquitous conference got some attention, enough that a search for Medbiquitous was likely to turn up one of my entries instead of their homepage. Peter seems to appreciate and respect what people with active weblogs are doing.

At two other points in the conference I ran into folks who made comments about my entries here and that they'd done some reading and discussing amongst co-workers.

On Friday, the day I left, I was approached by a speaker scheduled for Saturday who wanted my permission to use a screenshot of my weblog in his presentation. I have no idea what he said, hopefully I can find out from someone who was there on Saturday.

My manager, who doesn't read my weblog regularly, found all these comments about my weblog fascinating and spent part of one afternoon reading. It actually led to some interesting conversation between us.

Posted by mike at June 19, 2005 10:13 PM