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July 8, 2005

Golfing in Emmett, ID

It's easy to convince Heidi's dad (father-in-law) to do at least one or two rounds of golf when in Idaho. This afternoon (temperatures climed to over 100) we hit the Gem County Golf Course.

To me, the best golfing is on courses described as "very forgiving" or "good for beginners" which I think describes the Emmett course pretty well. There aren't many hazards (only a few ponds and less sand traps) and the fairway's are wide. The price, $11 for 9 holes and $20 for 18, is hard to beat.

I golf about once a year and wouldn't classify myself much higher than a beginner. If I can golf double-bogey (two shots over on each hole) I'm pretty happy.

Today, dad and I really did put on a clinic (for beginners). Although neither of us ever chalked up an eagle (were close once or twice), there were many holes that we got par and only a few that went out of control (7 or 8 strokes). All said, at the end of 9 holes, I was 3 under my goal of double-bogey. It's not really much to be proud of, but better than I had done in several years. On the fourth hole (par 4) I had the rare treat of a nice shot off the tee and then a 3-iron shot that put me on the green. Two shots to the green is pretty rare for me on a longer hole.

Dad and I did 9 holes on the Emmett course, and then another two rounds on a par 3 course dad has set up on their 7 acre piece of farmland (which they don't farm).

Posted by mike at July 8, 2005 11:58 PM