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July 23, 2005

One Week of Downtime . . . Priceless

Last week we underwent a complete server rebuild, which resulted in this weblog being offline until this morning. Sorry to anyone who got the server can't be found message.

I really had hoped to have the weblog back sooner, but having a healthy sendmail and a web-based email client for family members to use was the higher priority. With those complete, I finally got to copying over the database and code for MovableType. In the interest of time I didn't even look into upgrading MT.

You might ask why we didn't plan better and bring the new machine up before taking the old one down. The answer is that the old one got hacked (again) and we really didn't want to leave it online. We've been planning a hardware upgrade for some time and I guess having a machine hacked was the nudge we needed to get moving.

The new machine(s) that we're using are a significant improvement over what we were using, hopefully this results in better response time for page loads.

Posted by mike at July 23, 2005 10:17 AM