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July 28, 2005

Tufts OpenCourseWare Goes Live

Awhile back I wrote an entry about attending a meeting about OpenCourseWare at MIT and hinted at us being involved.

Indeed, Tufts University has been in the process of it's own site with open courses; Tufts OpenCourseWare. We had a soft go-live on June 20th where we pushed the first seven courses out to the Akamai network (or rather, they pulled it from our server).

My involvement? The site is build by an extract from the Tufts University Sciences Knowledgebase (TUSK), the system I work on at Tufts. Combining TUSK with the extract tool has a very weblog feel to it. The content is managed in our interactive management system and then every so often we publish to our origin server where Akamai can pick up the latest.

The whole project was done by a variety of departments at Tufts, and on almost no budget. The latest news is we were just awarded a small grant from the Hewlett Foundation to keep the work going and get another set of courses out there.

I haven't seen the usage reports yet, but have heard rumors about worldwide traffic and some great feedback. Exciting.

Posted by mike at July 28, 2005 11:34 PM