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August 3, 2005

Inexpensive Golf Courses in Boston

Last weekend a few friends and I did the back 9 at the Leo J. Martin Memoial Golf Course in Weston, MA. We'd been saying we were going to go since sometime in the middle of last summer and couldn't find a Saturday that worked for all of us. It finally came, we had perfect weather and a great time.

In a strange twist of timing, we're going to get out this Saturday. I promised the guys I'd do some research to confirm our allegiance to Leo J. Martin.

Finding a golf course in Massachusetts isn't easy for folks like me who also golf in Idaho and Utah (where I visit family frequently). In that part of the west, golf courses are everywhere and are reasonably priced. In Massachusetts it's a different story. First you have to remove all of the private courses (I don't have any connections), which removes over half of the courses from the list. My main issue with the remaining courses is the fees. It's not uncommon to drop $85 for green fees. That's beyond what I can afford for a casual hobby, so I'm left looking for the cheapest possible experience. The Leo J. Martin is right down there at $17 for 9 holes and $25 for 18 (weekend pricing).

I researched this last summer, but just to be sure I'm looking around again. The complete list of courses I can entertain as possibilities (all weekend pricing):

- Leo J. Martin (Weston): $17 for 9, $25 for 18
- Fresh Pond (Cambridge): $24 for 9, $36 for 18
- Franklin Park (Dorchester): $16 for 9, $26 for 18
- Mt. Hood (Melrose): $26 for 9, $44 for 18
- Cedar Glen (Saugus): $19 for 9, $29 for 18
- Stone Meadow (Lexington, par 3): $10 for 9
- Gannon Municipal (Lynn): $20 for 9, $40 fo 18 (time restrictions)

I'm encouraged, a year ago I thought Leo J. Martin was my only choice, but it looks like there are a few others in my price range.

Posted by mike at August 3, 2005 5:52 PM