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August 4, 2005

We Need A Perl Programmer

We need a Perl programmer. As the new manager of the technical team, I'm posting to jobs.perl.org today, but wanted to stick this here too. Most of the work is Mason (for presentation) and Perl modules (for data access and business logic), but there's more. Here's the scoop.

The Job
Tufts University Science Knowledgebase, TUSK is an innovative curriculum repository/knowledge management system which serves the health science schools at Tufts University. The data, "learning objects," have been structured to facilitate integration across schools and disciplines. In addition to its knowledge management functions it interfaces with administrative systems to provide students with course schedules, personal folders, and on-line course evaluations.

The Programmer/Analyst will develop user-friendly web-based applications within the Tufts University Science Knowledgebase--a web application written in Perl (mod_perl & Mason) backed by a MySQL database. The programmer will be expected to use existing OOP modules for building front-end tools, and create new OO modules where needed. This person also supports TUSK staff and faculty as needs arise on technical problems. Applications developed will be designed, created, tested, modified, and documented as needed. The programmer works on simultaneous projects and assists in defining applications and best practices as they related to TUSK application development. Also, he or she works with the TUSK technical team to assure applications meet the specifications of the system architecture and are well documented.

The Skills
Requires a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science (or equivalent experience) with one to three years experience. Must be an expert in Perl, SQL, HTML and other open source UNIX software packages. Should be knowledgeable about web server administration, willing to learn new technologies. Must have the ability to interact with users and programming teams throughout the university. Superior technical, organizational, multitasking and interpersonal skills required.

The Inside Scoop
The thing that isn't said in this job description is that the programmer we want doesn't just do Perl. He or she loves to tackle different kinds of problems, and spearhead thinking them through and proposing solutions. The knowledge or training isn't required, rather acquired through research and expirementation. We have a bit of XML/XSLT in the system, some PDF generation using FOP, a Palm application for students. We'd like someone to tackle a project looking at tools for XML authoring, and how to convert Word documents to XML. We've toyed with an RSS feed for students. While having a person who knows and prefers to stick with Perl will be able to get a lot done, we'd love to have someone who's willing to tackle a wider range of technical issues.

The other things that isn't said is that Tufts is a pretty cool place to work. The benefits are good and the work week is 35 hours. There's very little staying late or craziness over deadlines. We do have early morning releases and late-night upgrades, but they are scheduled by us and compensated for (in time off).

To the Applicant
The technical team (once you are on board) will be four people. It's a small group working up on the 5th floor in Tufts downtown Boston campus. By the time you are hired, we'll have moved to a new part of the office with nice large windows (overlooking Chinatown). We're all pretty cool people with interesting techy and non-techy experiences. Your development environment is completely up to you. We've have programmers who chose OS X, Gentoo (Gnome2), Fedora Core (both Gnome and KDE) and once we had a programmer who chose Windows. The desk, and a lot of opportunity is waiting for you.

The official job listing is also up on the Tufts employment page.

Posted by mike at August 4, 2005 11:21 AM