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September 28, 2005

Finding Modified Files in A Directory Tree

Today I discovered a new way to get a list of files changed in a directory tree.

In the past I've used the find command with the -mmin or -mtime or arg to get a listing of files changed in the last so many minutes or days. When I want to see all the files in the tree changed in the past 10 minutes:

find . -mmin 10

This works if I know how long it's been since the files have been touched.

Today I wasn't sure, it's been months since I've worked on the particular machine and couldn't remember everything I'd changed. A review of the find manpage led me to the -newer arg. Rather than looking at a specific number of minutes, -newer requires you specify a file, and then find filters for files that have been modified more recently than the specified file:

find . -newer /unchanged/file

In my instance of trying to find modified files, I knew there were many files I hadn't changed. Finding the modified ones was as simple as pointing find at one of the unchanged files and letting it do the filtering.

I've used find a fair amount, but each time I poke through the man page I realize that I'm just a novice. It's a big, scary beast that I hope someday I'll have more fully in my Unix tool kit.

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September 20, 2005

MySQL User's Conference - CFP Open

Finally, the 2006 MySQL User's Conference is announced. April 24-27 in Santa Clara (same place as last year?). It's 99% sure I'll be there.

The real question is if there's something I could say that's worthy of a presentation proposal. I put in a proposal last year to talk about using MySQL for large amounts of binary data (currently 1.4 million images consuming ~28G) but it wasn't accepted. Seems like with everything written in the book, and my daily management of a network of MySQL servers there'd be something interesting to talk about. The MySQL AB folks will no doubt do an incredible job talking about the new features.

A couple of ideas come to mind:

The other option is to not submit anything and just enjoy the conference. OSCON was more enjoyable the one year I went and didn't present.

Either way, looking forward to the trip and another great conference.

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September 19, 2005

Software Release Cycle for OpenOffice

Stumbled into this article today over at ONLamp talking about suggestions for OpenOffice.org development and their release cycle that had some interesting points. I particularaly like these three ideas about shortening the release cycle:

Our project is much different from OpenOffice, but I think as we've shortened the release cycle for our software these ideas have certainly crossed our minds as reasons to have a shorter release cycle. Nice to see them coming up elsewhere.

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September 14, 2005

Me and MySQL in Hometown Newspaper

I got a call last week from the Wahpeton (North Dakota) Daily News. Folks in this small town (where I spent most of grade and middle school) got wind of Pro MySQL and were interested in doing an article on the author that hails from Wahpeton.

I'm supposed to get some physical copies shortly, but for now must be satisfied with the portion of the story available on the Daily News online version. The online article doesn't indicate the title of the book, hopefully people who read it and feel compelled to make a purchase will find their way to it.

If you don't have access to the acknowledgements of the book, mine begin with:

I grew up in a tiny town in North Dakota where it was not unusual to see a tumbleweed roll through the middle of town and movies always came six months later than the posters said they would. Despite being a bit behind the times, the town's two-year college and library both prioritized acquisition of a few of the early personal computers, and made them available to reckless kids who would otherwise be putting coins on the train tracks or riding dirt bikes through the alleys looking for trouble. It was in that library and the iconic "Old Main" building of the technical college that I first got a taste for the power of writing instructions and letting the computer do the work. It's easy to trace my computing addiction back to those early years. Thanks to the folks in small-town North Dakota for putting the tools at my fingertips that would eventually lead to a career in technology and my having the confidence to agree to tackle this book.

The small town is Wahpeton, North Dakota. Pete and I were recently back in Wahpeton and were able to visit some of the favorite spots right around the time I was finishing up the writing on the book. The visit inspired this first paragraph.

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September 8, 2005

In Albuquerque for the Week

Heidi, the kids and I flew into Albuquerque, New Mexico last Saturday afternoon for a week of vacation with Pete and his family. We rented a spacious house up on the base of Sandia Mountain that is serving as a nice base for our various day trips.

Besides having fun with everyone, my biggest goal for this trip is to take a bunch of footage on the new PV-GS250 and make a cool movie. Going pretty well so far, each day I've been working on organizing the footage and getting it edited in Final Cut Express 2. I bought Final Cut Express a year ago and haven't used it yet. It's pretty powerful, a huge step up from iMovie (although more complex to figure out). I am tempted to upgrade to the HD version.

Everything is on the video, but since that's not accessibles these are some of the trip highlights:

Other than a brief trip to Arizona as a small child I've never spent time in the southwest. Pretty cool place.

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