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September 20, 2005

MySQL User's Conference - CFP Open

Finally, the 2006 MySQL User's Conference is announced. April 24-27 in Santa Clara (same place as last year?). It's 99% sure I'll be there.

The real question is if there's something I could say that's worthy of a presentation proposal. I put in a proposal last year to talk about using MySQL for large amounts of binary data (currently 1.4 million images consuming ~28G) but it wasn't accepted. Seems like with everything written in the book, and my daily management of a network of MySQL servers there'd be something interesting to talk about. The MySQL AB folks will no doubt do an incredible job talking about the new features.

A couple of ideas come to mind:

The other option is to not submit anything and just enjoy the conference. OSCON was more enjoyable the one year I went and didn't present.

Either way, looking forward to the trip and another great conference.

Posted by mike at September 20, 2005 9:31 AM