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October 8, 2005

Draft of MySQL Article off to Linux Magazine

Jay and I spent the past week writing a MySQL article for Linux Magazine that's now in the hands of the folks over there. Whew, nice burden of the shoulders. Looking forward to some feedback to incorporate into a final draft.

I wasn't sure I wanted to tackle any more writing after having wrapped up Pro MySQL in June, but found that as I got going it was pretty enjoyable. I really enjoyed being back at the MySQL prompt working in MySQL 5.0.13. Noticed a few things (triggers are now in the database namespace) when doing the article examples that made me want to do another pass through the MySQL docs. I wasn't so crazy about the shift to a less formal voice and using "you" everywhere instead of "we." Not easy to switch writing styles after having spent so many months using the Apress style.

As I was writing I came up with a few other article ideas which I hope might be interesting to the folks at Linux Magazine. As always, way too many ideas than there is actually time to do with.

Posted by mike at October 8, 2005 12:31 AM