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November 8, 2005

MySQL Proposals Done in the Nick of Time

As much as I wanted to get the competitive advantage and put my proposal ideas in early, there was no chance to work on them until tonight after having wound down some work on another project. The flight home from DC was the perfect time to relax with some music and a mysql> prompt. I almost convinced myself it wasn't worth putting anything in, but then I had this idea and ended up putting in two. I do tend to enjoy conferences a bit more when I don't have to speak and can just soak it all in.

I am thankful for EST's 3 hour advantage over PST. I was on a flight that didn't get to Boston until 12:30am, but still had time to submit the completed proposals before the midnight deadline.

I'll wait to see if either of the ideas are chosen by the selection committee before making any comments about what was in my mind tonight. It may really be just a bunch of rubble. There's definitely one I'm more excited about, but is kind of a wild idea.

Posted by mike at November 8, 2005 1:02 AM