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November 14, 2005

Standing Room Only at Boston MySQL Meetup

Tonight's MySQL meetup in Boston turned out to be quite an event. At one point early on I counted around 40, but people came in throughout the meeting so would guess somewhere shy of 50. The format was informal, everyone was given a chance to introduce themselves, say where they work, what they do and what they'd like to get out of future MySQL meetups. I wished I had brought my camera, but I rushed off this morning without it.

Sheeri did a great job of coordinating, fostering conversation and keeping the discussion on focus. There were two things during the evening that made me a bit nervous and are worthy of note for future meetings. First, perhaps I'm a bit hypersensitive to marketing, but I cringed when the conversation started to feel like a pitch. I appreciated Sheeri steering the conversation back to focus on the group when it started to go toward a sales pitch for MySQL and affiliated products. Second, there was a time or two where it seemed like the group was forcing MySQL on the non-MySQL folks in attendance. There are going to be people curious about MySQL that are using other databases and I think the group should be welcoming and understanding to folks coming from other viewpoints.

Between the introductions and the raffle there was a break to give people a chance to stretch and meet. I sat back and watched for a minute, cool to see people connecting. I found myself answering questions about conversion from MS SQLServer to MySQL and the MySQL licensing model (not an expert on either).

Everyone that came got something (I got a copy of MySQL in a Nutshell, which I've been aching to have on hand). An experienced MySQL user nabbed up the one copy of Pro MySQL that Apress sent and had me sign it. Always a strange experience because I'm still not sure I actually wrote that book . . . it's all a blur.

Thanks to Optaros (Stephe Walli) for the space, MySQL AB for the pizza, and Apress, O'Reilly and MySQL AB for the free t-shirts, books, mugs, caps, etc.

Next meeting is December 12th, same location and time. Someone from MySQL AB is coming to present and field questions on MySQL 5.0. Looking forward to seeing everyone there.

Posted by mike at November 14, 2005 11:12 PM