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November 3, 2005

Strange Coincidence at Tonight's Boston PHP Group Meeting

Tonight I attended the Boston PHP group's monthly meeting. The primary reason I went is because the group meets at the Optaro office, which has been offered to the MySQL group for our first meeting in two weeks.

There was a pretty good group there to see Stephen Walli present on open source business model. Some fresh (at least to me) ideas about open source thinking. After the presentation there was a drawing for some O'Reilly stuff and I ended up getting a copy of Open Sources 2.0, which has a chapter by Stephen. I also had a chance to promote the upcoming MySQL user group meeting and had a few folks express interest in it.

The strange coincidence is that after the meeting I went to the Orange line to ride home. A man who was at the meeting came up and started talking to be about the MySQL meetup. He seemed familiar (more so than just having seen him at the meeting). After talking for a minute I realized he looked a lot like the man across the street. Turns out it was Brian, my neighbor. Also turns out it was the first PHP meetup he'd gone to as well. What are the odds that you go to a group for the first time and of the 20 people in the room one of them is your neighbor? We had a great conversation on the train and short walk home.

The PHP meetup has gotten me even more excited for our MySQL group meeting. If you live in greater Boston (or perhaps even the larger New England area) and can make it to North Station on November 14th please do so.

Posted by mike at November 3, 2005 10:43 PM