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November 24, 2005

Sun Postgres and PostgreSQL

Poking around the Sun site tonight and stumbled into the announcement from last week about Sun's inclusion and support of PostgreSQL (or Sun Postgres) in Solaris 10. Yes, I know that throwing PostgreSQL and MySQL into the same sentence can get a person into trouble. I've had my fair share of confrontations . . .

There are a lot of questions raised by this. Right now I'm wondering about the support expertise:

Today Sun announced that it will be integrating the Postgres open source data base into the Solaris 10 OS and providing world-wide 24x7 support for customers who wish to develop and deploy open source database solutions into their enterprise environments.

I'm far removed from the PostgreSQL community, but the announcement from Postgresql.org seems to indicate that folks from Sun have been getting involved. Josh Berkus did a Q/A to answer some common questions and indicates that Sun has been working with the PostgreSQL Core Team and that PostgreSQL folks will be hired to provide the support where needed. The reality is that I'm not likely to see much of the details as this unfolds, but I'm curious about how Sun goes about structuring their process to bring in the needed expertise. I'm also curious about how it's being received in the PostgreSQL open source community. Who will Sun grab up to provide the support, and how much will they continue to add back to the PostgreSQL project?

As far as expertise . . . I once heard that the interview process to work at MySQL is 2-3 years, and that most folks who come on board are already experts in everything there is to know about MySQL because they've been involved in the community for many years. I've never had to call on MySQL AB for support, but I have heard some pretty awesome stories about getting code patches in 30 minutes. Will this be Sun's model?

The Sun Postgres site has more information.

Posted by mike at November 24, 2005 11:35 PM