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November 14, 2005

Weekend in New Hampshire

Took the family up to New Hampshire for the three-day weekend (Veteran's Day on Friday). Friends had offered their vacation home in Madison, which is just a few miles south of Conway in the White Mountains and near Mt. Washington. We couldn't pass it up.

It was a great weekend, I found myself thinking seriously about an action plan to spend more time away from the bustle of normal life. The vacation house had a nice view of a small lake and was on located on a gravel road that was great for afternoon walks. North Conway is a classic, small New England town with a nice selection of shops (and an annoying outlet mall on the south side of town, but some like that). We rode the Conway Scenic Railroad and spent some time visiting the Hartmann Model Railroad Museum, which was pretty awesome.

I had a chance to observe my 4-year old with the new iPod Shuffle and decided that it's only something she'll have access to in the car and on trips. She wanted to have it on all the time. I keep the volume low, but it's just annoying to not be able to have normal conversation.

One other thing . . . I had a friend back in high school that listened to a lot of Queen. I never quite got them, but there was a Queen CD in the house that brought back a lot of memories and was good for some crazy dancing with the kids.

I wish we were still up there . . .

Posted by mike at November 14, 2005 12:02 AM