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December 12, 2005

Boston MySQL Meetup Report

Tonight the Boston MySQL meetup convened for pizza, soda, conversation and a presentation on MySQL 5 by Philip Antoniades.

Attendance was ~25 and a fairly low key. After some pizza we got right into Philip's presentation, "What's New in MySQL 5." Philip gave 10 tips or reasons for migrating to 5.0, along with a host of other information about the company, the database architecture etc. A good presentation with a lot of background and in-depth information about MySQL. After the 40-minute presentation there was another 20 minutes of Q/A, which was also pretty in-depth. Philip knows his MySQL stuff.

I recorded the meeting on my PV-GS250, using a lapel mic that Sheeri brought. I will put the video up once I get a chance to do the "postproduction." Biggest problem, my 100gb hard drive is up in the 90gb range. Must move a few things around first before attempting to capture and edit. Coming soon . . .

Posted by mike at December 12, 2005 10:23 PM