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December 2, 2005

iChat with Pete becoming a Regular Activity

Pete (my older brother) and I have been IMing for years (before that we used talk on the command line), but even though we've both had iSights for the past two years we have only hooked them up for special holiday functions.

A few weeks ago Pete and I were IMing and somehow we ended up deciding that a video conference was a better format to discuss whatever was going back and forth. On this particular night we happened to both be in a position to throw up the iSight and ended up having a great conversation about something (the details escape me, but we both later commented on it being a cool experience).

Tonight we hooked up again for the third time in the past few weeks. The dialogue is definitely more rich than the conversations on IM. For much of our back and forth IM does the trick just right, a question here, pointer to a web site there. But these past few weeks as we've realized the goodness of video and audio we've done more regular "can you do video tonight, I want to run an idea past you." It's been a rewarding experience, it's a lot closer to an in-person visit than I would have imagined. Tonight I got to say goodnight to Pete's oldest daughter, kind of an added bonus.

The bulk of tonight (which is happening as I write this) is around MySQL. Pete's playing with an idea for tracking large amounts of data (a sample 5 minute period generates 1.4 million records, each record averaging ~35 bytes) and we're having a meaningful conversation about storage engines. Pete's played with MySQL a bit but is definitely the less experienced brother.

Posted by mike at December 2, 2005 1:38 AM