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December 10, 2005

iPods Maintain Value—Leads to New Video iPod

On Friday I upgraded to a 5th generation (video) iPod, black 60gb model. After hearing that Pete sold his iPod I hopped on eBay and found that people were paying well for other 20gb, 4th generation iPods. Mine was in great shape, I had kept it in an iSkin case for most of it's life (I had it for ~1 year). Without much thought I threw mine up for sale.

I found it interesting that I could sell my 20gb iPod for not much less than the price of a new 30gb video iPod. It was the same the last time I sold an iPod, a year ago. I sold my 15gb, 2nd Gen iPod, and was suprised then how much they could fetch on eBay. So in my mind the iPod retains it's value pretty well. If after one year of use I can sell it for 2/3 what I paid for it I think it's compelling to keep upgrading. Perhaps this is more like an iPod leasing program.

On Thursday the auction closed, Friday on my lunch break I travelled to the nearest Apple store (yes, there are four in greater Boston) to "look at one." The Cambridge Apple store was pretty crazy, three checkout lines, a few people in each one. They even had a special express line for iPod purchasers only. After toying with one of the 60gb models for a few minutes I could not resist.

The video is pretty good for the size, but I'm not sure how much I'll watch video vs listen to music. I first watched U2's Vertigo tour, a 2-hour concert from Chicago recorded on Tivo and ripped down to a compatible format. In fact, with Tivo in the picture it's likely there will be a nightly extraction from the Tivo to iPod. I wasn't so crazy about watching video on the train crammed in next to other folks. Will be interesting to see how much I use the video feature.

The iPhoto viewer is pretty cool, and the pictures actually look pretty decent. Having my photos on the iPod wasn't a compelling feature but I will definitely show photos to folks on the screen. I think the kids are really going to like that feature.

The iSkin evo3 seems like a must for protection (the Apple-included sleeve is pretty skimpy). Also looking at a second sync cable for work, car charger, and I'd love to get a nice set of speakers. The sound from Heidi's Bose Wave Music System, in the kitchen, is pretty incredible. This has led to looking at the Bose SoundDock but the reviews seem to indicate that the Klipsch speakers might deliver better sound. I like the look of the Promedia Ultra 2, perhaps accompanied by the stereo connection kit?

Posted by mike at December 10, 2005 3:32 PM