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December 14, 2005

Linux (+Apache/Perl/MySQL) Consultant Needed

A few years back we were asked by another Medical school if they could take a copy of our code and run it elsewhere. We got all excited and said yes, but told them they had to get their own person to run it. We happened to have connections to a consultant, so we got the two in touch and off they went to get things going.

That ran OK until the consultant got a job and couldn't help anymore. When we were asked about who could maintain their site we didn't have anyone else, and I thought it good for us to get experience installing our software elsewhere.

Today we have five installations in the US and Africa, with two more coming. All of the schools would rather have us do the build/install/configure/maintain and pay a fee than try to bring someone on themselves. I've been doing all of this work, but have just come to accept that it would probably be better to bring someone in to do the work. The existing plan doesn't scale too well. In general we need someone to set up machines to run our Apache/Perl/MySQL site. A little more specific:

This list is grossly simplified. We ask the schools to anticipate 40 hours of work for a new server and 10 for an upgrade (where just the last step is done). We would also entertain the idea of using extra hours to streamline the installation and upgrade process. The trick is that any particular school might want an installation now, and then not need anything else for another four months. So the work is kind of spotty, more of something for a side project but not to keep bread on the table.

Anyone interested could contact me. There is no requirement to be in any particular location . . . in fact, the more training I do on IM with that nifty logging feature on, the easier it is to trace back through the steps.

While I'm at it, I've been asked to keep my ears open for a Java programmer who's looking for a 2-year gig to build a concept map tool for another department here at Tufts.

Posted by mike at December 14, 2005 3:15 PM