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December 12, 2005

Oh Yea, Grant Written and Submitted

Several weeks back I wrote about a grant that a handful of folks at Tufts were working on. Through a lot of effort, long meetings, and late night revisions the grant was submitted. It's not for another few months that we'll know if it will be funded, but I think we've put together a pretty solid proposal with some interesting technical problems to solve and great letters of support for the projects.

As I got into the writing I got a little overwhelmed, can be tedious work. Looking back it wasn't so bad, especially since there were several people to divide the work between. In some ways it was a flashback to the experience of doing a project in grad school, where everyone has different pieces and are all racing to get them done and then trying to make them meld together as one.

Posted by mike at December 12, 2005 11:20 AM