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December 1, 2005

The Right Tools for the [Electrician's] Job

As I indicated last week, I spent a good deal of time over the past 15 days working with my dad to rewire a good chunk of our house.

I learned within just the first few hours of working with dad that, just like when I'm hacking away at code, there is a set of tools that you must have handy if you want to be productive. The next trip to Home Depot netted a collection of new tools. It's not like I don't have tools, I just don't have a lot of tools that you'd find in an electrician's set.

The most useful tool i bought . . . a toolbelt. I found that even with all the right electrician's tools, without the toolbelt to keep them all close it was almost pointless to have them. Having those tools on my person whether I was kneeling at an outlet, up on a ladder working on a light, or climbing in the attic made the work go so much better. It was hard to get into the habit of keeping stuff in the belt at first, but as the week went on I got pretty good at knowing exactly where a tool was and being able to get/return it without looking at the belt.

The toolbelt was $9, made of canvas, and was mostly two large pockets for loose materials, nails, staples, wire screws etc. Surrounding the outside was had slots for snips, needle nose, two screwdrivers, pen, pencil, hammer, flashlight and tape measure.

It did make me think what makes my computing environment work well and what might be missing.

Posted by mike at December 1, 2005 1:03 AM