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January 9, 2006

Another Excellent Boston MySQL Meetup

Just got home from tonight's Boston MySQL Meetup. The subject was MySQL Backups. Sheeri did a great presentation and then it was opened up to the group to discuss various options. I counted 32 attendees at one point.

I was interested to hear one person's experience with backups on a terrabyte database of InnoDB tables. He indicated that in their work they've found the best performing backup is to lock the tables in MySQL and then use Winzip to archive the tables. Much better performance than mysqlcopy, mysqldump or InnoDB hot backup (they found the InnoDB tool to be the slowest option, to the point of unusability). That kind of insight is so valuable.

Replication was a hot topic, Sheeri touched on this as a backup option for certain scenarios and it got a lot of non-backup questions. Seems like a good topic for a future meetup.

I'm capturing the video right now, will post that shortly. Sheeri will post the slides too.

Posted by mike at January 9, 2006 10:01 PM