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January 25, 2006

No Screen Display on My 15" PowerBook

A few weeks ago my 15" PowerBook started acting strange. It would go to sleep faster than configured to, and waking it up became a 50-50 gamble, sometimes I'd have to do a reboot to get it to wake up. Last night it went further south. I cannot get anything to happen on the screen. It's clear that the machine is working because you can boot it up and hear the hard drive doing it's stuff to get booted up.

I dug around on the Apple, and many other helpful sites last night when a series of reboots didn't do anything. I found a lot of information about resetting PRAM and NVRAM but neither process did anything to change the (mis)behavior.

I stumbled into a few suggestions the explained screeen problems related to the laptop thinking there was an external monitor. When I got home tonight (spent the day in a non-laptop seminar) I hooked up an old monitor and sure enough, the video is being sent out the DVI. Efforts to switch that back resulted in the grey screen of death. It appears that any time the laptop attempts to use the laptop display the machine crashes. I don't think this is good. Attempts to "Discover" displays do not detect the laptop display.

For now I can work, and at least copy off the data to an external hard drive. Will call Apple tomorrow and get a ticket going.

Posted by mike at January 25, 2006 9:53 PM