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February 18, 2006

15-minutes is Too Far from the Apple Store

I was talking to a friend from Boston the other day who told me there's a new, flagship Apple store planned for Boston. It's going to be right down in the Back Bay area. Pretty cool, Massachusetts will have 7 stores. That's seems like a lot for a small area like MA. When the new one is built I'll have 4 stores within 30 minutes of my house.

Here's the thing I found funny. My friend was excited because he will be just a few minute walk away from the new store, and won't have to be annoyed at having to take the train 15 minutes up to the Cambridge Apple store. It was funny to me because for so many years there was no Apple store. We bought mainly online or through an authorized Apple dealer. Now it bothers us when the Apple store is further than the nearest shopping center or mall. I also found it funny because I know many people that it's more than an hour drive, and in some cases a plane is the better choice. Funny to complain about having to go 15 minutes when some folks only go to the Apple store when on a trip a good distance away from home.

I guess that's good foresight on Steve Jobs' part. I've been to the Cambridge Apple store many times to find it packed, with long lines of people checking out.

Posted by mike at February 18, 2006 1:15 PM