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February 17, 2006

The non-Portable iPod Speaker Solution

I spent a few hours in the basement this week doing a bunch of organizing, cleaning etc. It would have been a perfect place to have some portable speakers, but since I'm still deliberating about what to get I had to find another solution.

I wouldn't recommend this for everyone, but I happen to have a decent Fender guitar amp and Peavey bass amp in the basement (neither one is mine, but I'm willing to store them for friends and test them from time to time). A little digging around for a few cables and some fiddling with the EQ on both amps and I've got *very* loud tunes coming off the iPod. I EQd the Fender for upper range and the Peavey for bass only. Pretty good sound, but I had to keep the volume down due to other people in the house.

I would bet that someone else has an even more impressive setup, like an iPod patched into a mixing board at a stadium with several stories of speakers.

Now all I need is a rolling cart, or dolly to get this thing around.

Posted by mike at February 17, 2006 1:03 PM