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March 28, 2006

Day Spent with MySQL 5.1

Today I took a break from software engineering. Besides a few meetings and a few small code tweaks I spent the bulk of the day looking at MySQL Cluster in 5.1.7.

I've set up a cluster a handful of times now so it's fairly familiar. From scratch to having three boxes (one Fedora Core and two Red Hat ES 4) and MySQL 5.1.7 installed took until ~10:30. At this point I was walking from the server room back to my desk when I noticed a conference room full of engineers. A 10am meeting that I thought was pushed back to 2 wasn't. Oops.

A few hours later I was loading sets of data from our production database to see just how well the data moves from 4.0 to 5.1. I haven't completed any comprehensive tests, but I wasn't impressed with performance when restoring from a dump file. Perhaps I need to do some cluster tuning, or the cluster is just slower at DDL. Next I'd like to grab some sample sets of queries from production and run them against the cluster to get a sense for performance based on real queries.

The bottom line is that I got the 5.1.7 MySQL Cluster up and running and loaded with sets of data in both in-memory and disk-based storage and am ready to put together a plan for testing our application against it.

I didn't find any major issues, but to be fair I did find some bugs along the way and filed them with the folks at MySQL.

Posted by mike at March 28, 2006 11:12 PM