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March 25, 2006

New Hampshire for the Weekend (there's WiFi in these woods)

We jumped in the car Friday immediately after work (working from home makes for a quick transition from the office to the car) and headed for New Hampshire. We're spending a few days at a lake house on Pea Porridge Pond near Conway/North Conway in the White Mountains. We came up in the fall when friends invited us to come up and use their house, had such a great time we couldn't wait to get back.

Last time we were here I had this thought about how cool it would be to have a job where my physical location wasn't that important. Since then I have switched jobs and am working remotely from the home office most of the week. There's a lot of wiggle room now as long as I can get a decent connection to keep in touch on email and make code commits.

Turns out I can get a very faint signal on the Blackberry, which at a minimum lets me keep going on email. It also could be tethered to the laptop for committing code changes and server configuration work (a bit slow). Much better than that . . . if you can believe it someone in the surrounding woods has an open WiFi network. There are other cabins not too far away . . . thanks to whoever is providing connectivity up here. Probably good to have a backup plan in case it's unreachable (signal strength is low to medium).

Posted by mike at March 25, 2006 7:51 AM