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March 27, 2006

No Longer a MySQL Cluster Hobbyist?

I've been a MySQL Cluster hobbyist for some time now. I say that because over the years I've followed what's happening with MySQL Cluster and have run it on various personal computers (and laptops). I threw a chapter into Pro MySQL about setting up and managing a cluster and am off to PHP Quebec on Wednesday to give a presentation on getting a cluster up and running. But I've have yet to work with the cluster in a setting other than for personal intrigue.

The other day at work I was telling a few folks about the upcoming trip and mentioned my presentation. The CTO was along for lunch and had a slew of questions about the MySQL Cluster. To my delight one of the next things on the infrastructure list is to research alternatives to slicing data across many standalone machines and implement a clustering solution.

Later in the afternoon I got an invitation to spearhead the research and implementation of database clustering (there is no DBA or sysadmin, this kind of responsibility is shared by engineers). We had a brief meeting looking over alternatives and to talk about where MySQL is on it's clustering features. The current stable MySQL Cluster (5.0) with in-memory storage may be all we need for now, but we'd be looking for the stable release of the cluster with disk-based storage down the road for a full implementation.

The current MySQL Cluster is just one piece of a bigger puzzle. Without disk-based storage we'll have to keep a set of servers for larger databases with failover to replicated machines. We've also thrown in looking at 3rd-party cluster alternatives as an interim solution to the lack of disk-based storage.

Now I still have software to engineer for a good chunk of my time, but am taking tomorrow off to set up the MySQL Cluster at the office for folks to start poking at. I'd like to start with 5.1 to play with the disk based storage to see where thats at, but will likely end up back on 5.0.19 for real testing.

Looking forward to having some time at work to devote to this, you can only go so far as a hobbyist.

So what am I now . . . probably still a MySQL Cluster hobbyist.

Posted by mike at March 27, 2006 2:27 PM