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March 30, 2006

PHP Quebec Underway

Made it to Montreal safely last night. Off the plane ~9pm but not to the hotel until ~11pm. The shuttle bus from the airport was quite packed and required a shuttle bus transfer downtown. I should have researched taking the subway, but figured that the aiport shuttle for $11 was worth not having to figure out if there's a path via public transportation. Maybe next time I'm in Montreal I'll look harder.

It's cool to be immersed in PHP, even if for just a few days. I've used PHP heavily in the past on a few projects but it's been a little while since I've been actively writing PHP although I do periodic maintenance.

The schedule looks jam-packed with interesting sessions. I'm interested in hearing about what's happening with PHP and also in seeing some of the database presentations (primarily non-MySQL). The only other MySQL presentation is a Tour of MySQL 5 by Damien Seguy, but it's in French.

Will write as long as the battery lasts.

Posted by mike at March 30, 2006 10:18 AM