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April 26, 2006

Crazy Evenings Juggling Birds of a Feather

After a long day packed with sessions at the MySQL Users Conference it seems like the evening would be a time to relax, right? Wrong.

The evenings seem to be more packed than the days. Four birds of a feather sessions that all were equally interesting but overlapping tonight. Didn't make it to the "Server Failover" BoF because I wanted to check out the Perl BoF. Had to slip out of that to hit the "building a new SHOW command." Just when that was getting underway (and was looking really cool) I had to slip out to attend the "How to have a good MySQL meetup." This week is turning out to be one of the most packed weeks I've had in a long time.

But this is a very good kind of busy.

Oh, and I finally crossed paths with Frank after a lot of hit and miss. So very cool to have met and hung out with many of the folks from Planet MySQL.

Posted by mike at April 26, 2006 12:03 AM