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April 27, 2006

Django: The Web Framework for Perfectionists with Deadlines

Afternoon presentation is Jacob Kaplan-Moss, an author on the django framework. I got to hang out with Jacob a bit in the speaker's lounge yesterday. Cool guy who's passionate about the framework and building maintainable applications. He's writing a Django book (with Adrian) for Apress so was fun to compare notes on experiences. Listening to Jacob makes me want to build a web application, even though I've got 100 other things on my plate.

Jasob starts with an introduction to the Lawrence, Kansas scene and newspaper (where he works). Much like the Snakes and Rubies presentation by Adrian Holovaty in Chicago last November. The Django story is pretty cool, and something that is entertaining to listen to.

Django is similar to MVC but is more like MTV (shows the MTV logo), or Model-View-Template.

The model is a simple snip of code that defines ojbects. The Django framework gives you and automatic interface for your databases. Can do pretty much everything from the model including subqueries, but you can also drop into raw SQL mode. Data isn't fetched from the database until you need it. With two lines of code he gets an admin interface to the data.

A view is about what data is available, not what it looks like. Django makes URL design an intentional part of the application. People like to guess URLs, snip pieces of the URL off to get to higher pieces of information.

Templates are about what your data looks like. It's a lot like smarty or other templates. Template inheritance is a cool feature of the Django templating system. A good chunk of the functions that people use require no or very little coding.

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