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April 20, 2006

Get Ready for the MySQL Onslaught

Each year my weblog gets bombarded with MySQL entries over the 5-day MySQL Users Conference. I've been posting a lot more about stuff happening with the MySQL database lately, but it doesn't compare to the 4-6 entries a day during the conference. Not only that, the entries will likely be more technical than other MySQL posts. My apologies to anyone who doesn't care about the MySQL stuff I post. You may want to put a filter on, or take a break for a week.

For planetmysql readers I'm just not sure how we're going to handle what I think is coming next week. The last year has been huge for the MySQL community. One year ago at this time Mike Hillyer was getting the conference aggregator ready and a few folks aggregated their posts, which seemed like a lot to follow.

Since then planetmysql has grown to over 100 syndicated weblogs, and many of those folks will be out at MySQL UC posting away as the action unfolds over the week. Since Arjen limited the front page to 10 posts at a time I'm guessing there will be times that posts will only see the front page of planetmysql for a few minutes (oh, yea, that already happens). Thank heavens (or whoever you prefer) for RSS feeds and good aggregators.

It's already started with folks posting their "I'm on my way" entries.

Brace yourself.

Posted by mike at April 20, 2006 10:57 AM