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April 25, 2006

Hosting Meetup Videos (Uses Bandwidth)

Looking at my weblog traffic summary tonight and was startled by this statistic. In recent months folks have grabbed around 1.2 terrabytes of data off of this site. I guess that should be expected when posting monthly MySQL meetup videos that are anywhere from 100-300 MB. Doesn't take many of those to make bandwidth an issue.

The video hosting at Google is obviously the better choice from a data-transfer perspective. However, I've heard numerous people complain that the sound isn't right or the video freezes up on Google so I think it's nice to provide a Quicktime version that's downloadable to play it off a local machine. I had also been thinking it would be nice to provide a video in iPod format for folks on the run (and while I'm at it maybe an mp3 too for audio-only).

Is 1.2 TB a big deal? I'm not sure for everyone, but since the bandwidth is donated I like to think I'm being careful with it. Looking around it seems that there are some semi-inexpensive hosting options that provide monthly data transfers in the TB range. Might be an option if we want to provide more than just the Google version of the video.

Any suggestions?

Posted by mike at April 25, 2006 1:08 AM