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April 3, 2006

Meeting with Oracle DBAs

Last week I was contacted by a person looking for a non-MySQL employee who would spend an hour or so talking to a group of employees at a large international company exploring MySQL. The request was to have someone that's been using MySQL "in the trenches" for some time to get on the phone and have a friendly but honest conversation about how MySQL works. I can think of a dozen people who would be excellent, and perhaps more qualified, but I'm going to give it a shot. Jay's in town for LinuxWorld (and conveniently staying at our place) so I might have to pick his brain about any deep MySQL "internals" questions.

I got a bunch of details on the phone today and it looks like the meeting will be a lunchtime (in my time zone) phone call with a handful of long-time Oracle DBAs who manage databases on the order of hundreds. The organization would like to move into using open source tools and thinks using MySQL on Linux is the place to start exploring. Good choice.

I'm more curious to hear what kinds of questions are on their mind, and I have a lot of questions of my own for them. I did reserve the right to take questions away from the meeting in case there's something I want to be sure about.

One thing I will do is put in a plug for the MySQL Users Conference, where else can you get such rich information and meet other experienced MySQL folks? Nowhere.

I was glad to hear that the manager recently attended a MySQL training (not sure who it was offered through) and the instructor recommended Pro MySQL. There's another few copies in circulation.

Posted by mike at April 3, 2006 5:30 PM