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April 27, 2006

MySQL Movie Magic

Closing keynote of MySQL UC 2006 is Milton Ngan from Weta Digital talking about using MySQL in making movies. I've heard Milton speak at OSCON in the past, some impressive movie stuff they do with CG.

Milton starts with a review of the movies that have come out of Weta and talks about the number of shots and number of processors they used to render those shots. King Kong had over 2000 shots and required 4,500 processors. Milton is doing this presentation on a Mac.

Weta now has over a petabyte of data on tapes for storing shots. Has 120 terrabytes worth of disks connected with 10Gb ethernet. Milton goes through some photos of the facilities, one photo has a row of cabinets that holds ~2,500 processors. Milton then goes through a number of snips from King Kong showing camera footage with CG layovers.

What uses MySQL at Weta? Production management. Storing details about shots, who's working on what, and HR system. Also have a user database, access control, system monitoring, booking systems, polls, online crew gear store. Current count is 5 production servers, 10 replicas with ~100 databases.

Why they use MySQL? Simple to setup, reliable, and scalable. To date have not lost any data.

They have a system used for shot info. Tracks thousands of shots, tracks all cuts and edits. Also tracks plates and rolls, and shot assignments.

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