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April 6, 2006

MySQL nerds beat Oracle geeks in LinuxWorld Golden Penguin Bowl

LinuxWorld's Golden Penguin Bowl was a tight race, but in the end the MySQL nerds nailed a few critical questions to pull ahead and win. My favorite question was a quote about the MIT $100 laptop saying (essentially) that nobody in their right mind would want to use one of those slow, cheap, hand-cranked things. Neither MySQL or Oracle folks guessed that it was Bill Gates.

The Golden Pengin is quite a piece of art in itself, hefty large glass sculpture that is quite a thing to lug around. Jay got lots of strange looks coming home on the subway, and when my kids saw it the next morning they were shure it was some kind of glass rocket with a bent tip. Can't find a photo for reference in Google, if I get a chance to get a photo of it will post.

The photo (the best from a selection of pretty crappy shots) is of Brian Aker, Jay Pipes and Ted Ts'o singing a selection from an old IBM company songbook.

Posted by mike at April 6, 2006 9:10 AM