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April 25, 2006

MySQL Runs 60 to 90 Percent Faster on Sun?

MySQL.com has a press release publishing news about some performance tests they've run on an 8-way Sun Fire V40z that indicate MySQL runs much faster on Solaris 10 than it does on Linux:

The primary difference between the two servers was in the underlying operating system, keeping the hardware configuration and database properties the same. During the read/write test, both systems reached their saturation point at eight CUC, at which point the the server running the Solaris 10 OS was 30 percent faster. Additionally, the Sun Fire V40z server running the Solaris 10 OS was running database queries at a 64 percent better rate on average, when compared to the server running Linux.

The Solaris advantage was magnified during the read-only test, where performance exceeded the Linux test case by 91 percent. Remarkably, in this experiment, the peak performance under the Solaris 10 OS was achieved with 16 CUC, while the less robust Red Hat Linux tapered off at only eight CUC. Despite running at twice the load during the peak phase, the Solaris 10-based server was performing 53 percent more transactions per second than the Linux-based server.

I don't get to work with Sun stuff like I used to when I was at Tufts, but it seems to me that if you run Solaris on Sun hardware and compare it to Linux on Sun hardware you're favoring Sun. Maybe that's not true because of the AMD processors, but it still seems a bit unfair. I wonder if you took a serious box like this that was tuned for Linux and put Solaris 10 on it if you'd see the same results. Probably not.

So what's a fair comparison then? Maybe comparing a well-tuned Linux box comparable to the specs or price of this Solaris box.

Posted by mike at April 25, 2006 5:39 PM