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April 24, 2006

MySQL Users Conference Day 0 (the day before)

Arrived at SFO at 9am this morning without event. Marcus and Roland were nice enough to pick me up at the airport with the intention of heading into San Fransicso for the day. After a slight amount of driving confusion we ended up near Fisherman's Warf. We hopped on one of the old-school, tourist trolleys and rode up (and then back down) to Union Square where we walked around a bit, had some lunch and visited the Apple store (they are also out of non-lime-green 15" laptop sleeves). The trolley ride back across town had a spot for hanging off, I couldn't resist. It was well worth the $5 each way to have the trolley experience and see some of San Fransicso.

After taking the trolley back over to Fisherman's Warf we hopped in the car and drove out across the Golden Gate Bridge, stopping at the vista point across the bay so we could walk back onto the bridge (which ended in a philosophical discussion about people who jump).

Last stop was at the beach on the west side of San Francisco near Golden Gate Park. We walked along the beach for some distance watching the surfers, dodging the surf, and continuing conversation on various topics.

After getting back to Santa Clara and getting checked in/registered I joined up with Marcus, Roland, Beat and Giuseppe for dinner at a pretty good fish place over on El Camino Real, a few miles from the conference center. Kicked back for a long time after dinner discussing various MySQL-related topics. A lot of fun to hang out with these Planet MySQL icons. Great guys, good conversation.

Now must get ready for Day 1, tutorials on cluster and replication.

Posted by mike at April 24, 2006 1:26 AM