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April 22, 2006

New Apple Laptop (MacBook Pro) in Hand

I did it. Tonight I stopped into a local Apple store and bought a new Mac Book Pro (2.0GHz Intel Core Duo, 1G RAM, 100GB HD etc, etc). It's taken a bit of thinking to get to the point of committing to the kind of cash it takes to bring one of these things home.

After spending a week on my 12" PowerBook (after my realization that I'm no good at Windows) I threw it up for auction on eBay and got a respectable contribution toward the new laptop. I figured even if there have been problems with the MacBook Pro, and there's a chance Apple will have a new laptop coming in another few months, I needed something to work with now and there's no sense in waiting any longer. Chances are good that even when the new MacBooks are announced that I'd still prefer the larger screen. I do hope that there's not some major revision, or price reduction, of the MacBook Pro along with these other announcements.

I did a lot of reading in the past few days about the problems and it appears that most of them have been resolved over time and that as long as you buy a machine manufactured after the 11th week that the problems will have been resolved. I checked the serial number on the box at the Apple store. The first one they brought out was manufactured in week 14, but I knew there were even newer models so I asked the sales person to see if they had a newer one and sure enough they had one manufactured in week 15.

You can read up about all of the problems and the versions (or week numbers) if you'd like.

So far I like it a lot. It's at least 100x faster than my 12" PowerBook 867, but doesn't feel huge. The screen is nice and wide, but not much taller than the 12" (good for airplanes). Also much quieter than the fan on my 12".

If I notice any of those problems popping up I'll be sure to post.

Posted by mike at April 22, 2006 10:41 PM