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April 17, 2006

solidDB Coming to MySQL

ZDNet (via slashdot) is running an article about MySQL and Solid working together to bring solidDB storage engine to MySQL in June. There's an announcement linked from the Solid homepage and a letter from the CEO in PDF format. I don't see anything at MySQL.com, but the announcement from Solid seems to indicate that details will be unveilded next week at the MySQL Users Conference.

A short bullet list from the announcement about the capabilities of the solidDB storage engine:

I like the online backup, hopefully will be something you can do without buying a license. And database roles? Will those be usable alongside MySQL's existing privilege management? Curious to see if/how storage engine-level roles come into play at the engine-agnostic server level.

This statement from the VP of Marketing for Solid might raise concerns for MySQLers looking to get free from InnoDB because of it's ties to Oracle:

Our decision at the moment is to go into the open source track and use mySQL as a channel. So we’re going to make available code that works only with mySQL. On the side we have a proprietary line of products.

I'm not sure exactly what that means, the press release seems to indicate that the storage engine will be GPL. I'm sure some folks will be nervous about this.

And for those out there who love to be reminded MySQL doesn't have transactions:

Stacey Quandt, research director for the Aberdeen Group in Boston, told me the deal also opens new markets to mySQL. "For years mySQL has defined itself as not being a competitor (in the enterprise space), but with a transactional engine that gap can be narrowed," she said.

The filtered slashdot comments about the article are an interesting read.

Looking forward to more details at the MySQL UC.

Posted by mike at April 17, 2006 1:04 PM