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April 25, 2006

State of the Dolphin: Interview with Kaj, Monty and David of MySQL

Tuesday morning's keynote at MySQL UC 2006 is a conversation with Kaj Arno (VP community relations), Monty Widenius (founder) and David Axmark (founder). The conversation is somewhat informal, Kaj asking questions from a card and being spontaneous with responses.

The storage engine architecture started with Money being lazy becase he had some data in one format but was having to move to another data format and didn't want to migrate the data.

What is Falcon? It's Swedish beer. It's also a new storage engine from MySQL that uses memory in a new, and significantly improved way. Monty is working on Falcon in a more development role than he's done for awhile. He's also working on a new version of MyISAM that will be ACID, have much faster indexes, and include data warehousing features. There are a bunch of other new storage engine ideas. Monty's favorite new storage engine idea is Falcon.

Mike Zinner gets up to demo the MySQL Workbench, a GUI-based tool for designing databases. After showing some of the cool stuff (including a command-line interface) in the workbench Michael goes to the Query Browser to do a demo of the Falcon engine (I want to get my hands on that Falcon engine).

Back to Kaj, talking now about business/licensing. Staying with GPL, not sure what version 3 will be but will be looking toward it. Will continue with dual-licensing.

A brand new MySQL Network offering is coming, includes monitoring. It's driven by a data-collection mechanism that's fed into a rule-based advisor mechanism. Reports on security, administration, schema, performance and replication. The services are in beta now, you can contact a support rep to get the service. (It's too bad this isn't a open source tool I can run like Nagios).

How did the community grow? Start by making the database easy to run. There hasn't been time to accept code contributions in the last year, are trying to make it easier for people to contribute with the MySQL forge. The forge is a place to put snippits, schemas, stored procedures etc.

Last piece of the morning are community awards to Giuseppe, Roland, Marcus and Rasmus (Lerdorf). Congratulations.

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