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April 14, 2006

Video of MySQL Meetup: Coding and Indexing Strategies for Optimal Performance

The Boston MySQL meetup this past week was well attended. At one point I counted just over 50 folks. Thanks to MIT for the space and MySQL for the food.

The presentation was excellent, but longer than my tape so to see the full deal you'll have to catch up with Jay's presentation at MySQL UC in April or OSCON in July. There are sections where questions are asked that are hard to hear because of the lapel mic we're using. It makes for much better audio from the speaker, but it's not so good for interactivity. At one point I unplugged the lapel mic to capture interaction at the chalkboard. I suppose if we got really serious we'd have a mixer with an audience mic and a speaker mic. Probably not going to happen. Maybe next time I'll try to unplug the lapel mic every time there is a question from the audience.

The video is on Google . For those who have problems with Google video you can also find it here in Quicktime (generated with iMovie, no idea what codec they use in the "share" dialog).

Yes, it's a tiny screen. That's the only way to get 90 minutes of video down to a manageable size in iMovie. Jay should have the slides posted at some point to let you follow along. Will link to them from here when they're up.

Posted by mike at April 14, 2006 9:12 AM