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May 30, 2006

2006 Golf Season Underway (with one amazing shot)

Monday morning, 4:30 am, I got up to pick up friends (including my regular golf buddy, Dave) on the way to the Leo J. Martin memorial golf course in Weston, MA (nature photos of the surroundings). We wanted to get there around the time the sun came up and beat the crowd likely to show up on a Monday holiday forecast to be in the mid 80s.

Besides the grass being a little wet, and a few bugs in the air, it turned out to be a great day. It wasn't the busiest I'd ever seen it, but the early start was a good move. We had the chance to get on right away if we were willing to do the back 9 first, so we did. I stunk it up for the most part only having a few decent shots.

The front 9 was a different story. I got on a bit of a roll and had several holes in a row with good drives, good fairway shots, and beautiful chips onto the green. Putting never really came together, but wasn't worse than any other outing.

The highlight was the last hole, a par 4 at 275 yards that I drove the green (was on the green with one shot). I don't think I've ever felt that good about a shot in golf. It put me in position to eagle the hole (score 2 under par). You can't see the green from the tee box on the 9th hole, so I came down the fairway looking for my ball along the fringe where I thought it landed while the others were chipping up onto the green. After not being able to find my ball and asking where it landed someone noticed there were already four balls on the green. Sure enough, one of them was mine. Now that's quite a feeling.

We're trying to figure out what is the right amount of golf. It's not a cheap activity (although the Leo J is not bad, at least for Boston, at $25 for 18 holes). Two summers ago I had enough going on that it was pretty much every Saturday that we were free (which turned out to be two or three). Last summer I used that same rule and ended up going out significantly more often, sometimes for several weeks in a row just because we were free. A few times a month probably makes most sense. I'm never going to get good at that rate, but it's enough to enjoy it.

Posted by mike at May 30, 2006 7:39 PM