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May 13, 2006

DBAZine Podcast: Jay and Mike on Open Source, MySQL, and more

A few weeks back Jay and I hooked up with Tom Parish over at DBAZine for the DBAZine podcast. Was a lot of fun to talk with Tom and get a chance to answer questions about open source, MySQL, blogging and a host of other things. The teaser goes something like:

The new book is ProMySQL, covering all of the newest MySQL 5 features, the MySQL server architecture, storage engines, transaction processing, benchmarking, and advanced SQL scenarios. And the authors, Jay Pipes and Michael Kruckenberg, are not too shy to open up about a big range of big topics, including whether open source software will ever displace those legacy apps (and why CIOs who insist it won't should take a closer look at what�s running in their enterprise). They also give their views on what they see as the biggest challenge to open source as it moves forward into the mainstream, why MySQL rocks as opposed to other OS solutions, and why in the world they decided to write a big, technical book, anyway (it probably wasn't for the fame, fortune, and glory). They are a couple of nice guys gone author on us, and in this podcast interview, they explain why.

I'm just listening to the final version for the first time, nicely framed with some show music. While it's obvious we're not in the studio, the audio turns out OK (especially considering that Jay was competing against the dogs and I was sitting in the parking lot at the data center).

It's available in multiple formats over on DBAZine.com.

In related news, the final installation of Storage Engines and Data Types (Chapter 5) from Pro MySQL has made it up onto DBAZine site. I posted about this awhile back when just a small snip was available, but if you're willing to click through the six sections you can get it all.

Posted by mike at May 13, 2006 8:52 PM