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May 3, 2006

Oracle and the Dolphin

On the way to the airport from Santa Clara (after the MySQL Users Conference) I pulled off Route 101 to grab a few snacks for the plane ride (yea, I don't like paying $4 for a warm soda at the airport). I laughed out loud when the random exit I chose just happened to be the exit for the Oracle Corporate Headquarters (another view). Really, I had no idea. I've seen them before but it was purely random (or subconscious). If you haven't been near them, the series of pods and surrounding campus is pretty cool.

I couldn't shake the irony that after having been immersed in MySQL for a solid 4 days the first place I stopped at was Oracle, still find that humorous.

To top it off the Oracle building where I stopped to take a few photos of the pods had an address on Dolphin Drive. Of course I couldn't help thinking about Sakila, the MySQL dolphin (and sample database), and finding that funny too.

Maybe it's not that amusing. Perhaps after the 4 day submersion in MySQL the mind gets a little loopy, at least when it comes to databases.

The all-night flight got me back Friday morning ~7am to spend a very groggy day working on stuff and having fun with the family.

Posted by mike at May 3, 2006 11:10 PM