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May 16, 2006

Those Shrewd Folks at the Apple Store

I spoke *way* to early about getting a refund for my recently-reduced-price MacBook Pro. When I showed up at the Apple store they were waiting, two of them, with printouts from the web site showing that there were several differences between the Mac I bought three weeks ago and the one that's $500 less today. It wasn't just a printout, someone had made several notes for our conversation. The bottom line is that the 2.0 GHz is a different model now, has less RAM, hard drive, and video ram. All add up to no difference between my model and the new one that's cheaper.

Yet somehow you can get a MBP with a faster processor and the same specs for the amount I paid for mine. However, not to be dismayed. I still like Apple and my MacBook Pro. If I didn't think it was worth what I paid I wouldn't have bought it three weeks ago.

Posted by mike at May 16, 2006 5:06 PM